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We are an organization of Techno commercial people M. Tech from MIT USA, M. Tech IIT Kanpur, PG from IIFT Delhi, having an industry experience ranging from 14 years to 22 years.

We are in the business of saving of power bills thru and making our contribution towards green revolution by saving carbon foot prints thru energy saving.

Daylighting thru BrilantorTM / SkyPipeR / LightBall / and customised solutions:- We provide most innovative solution for every requirement to meet the desired Lux level for Daylighting. Made from the best material available sourced worldwide, with a life of 20+ years which is unmatched, we being in a class of our own. All this, backed by a strong after sales technical support team for urgent deployment, if required.

Brilantor: Brilantor (under patent process) is the most advanced daylighting solution availaible. It is the only product which is 4000 X 600 X 300 (length X width X height in mm) and gives up to 3X the lighting as compared to its nearest competition available. The dome comes with 230 diamond shaped Fresnel for higher daylight collection. Pl ref the write up for details. It is installed in non-false ceiling areas where the user is looking for Bright daylight. The prismatic diffuser with light channeling design make Brilantor unique.

SkyPipe: SkyPipe has been custom designed for false ceiling areas. The size range starts from dome dia of 100 mm up to 800 mm. The tube size is determined based on the gap between final roof to the false ceiling. We provide a choice of various diffusers, based on the best fitment and interiors and users choice.

LightBall: LightBall is designed to give maximum daylight to non-false ceiling areas of any height. The size range start from dome dia of 100 mm to 1850 mm, the biggest range available is with us.

Customised solution: Where the customer wants or there is a requirement unique to the area, we design the product to the perfect fit as may be desired by the user. We have some custom designed products like, Skypipe, EKool, Brilantor, lightpipe etc.

Eview Smart Sense solution:- We harness the day light, brought indoors thru above daylighting products by integrating the artificial lights with our state of the art smart sense solution. This is achieved without any human intervention, thus saving power cost on Lighting. A wide range of smart sensors are used and desired Lux level is maintained 24X7. It is useful in areas like Factory, office, parking areas, or wherever light is required or used, we help save power cost.

The goodness of natural daylight is essential for maintaining good health. We bring the required goodness of natural daylight while blocking the unwanted elements of natural light along with fresh air and the required air change thru our combo range. Combo range combines wind powered turbo ventilator with daylighting.

The unwanted elements of natural daylight is kept out like heat to ensure skylight with pure comfort. We maintain high quality standards of material and workmanship to ensure that the users time is not required, once job is completed. Eview Smart Lighting solutions are 100% customised and tailored made for every requirement.

Quality and product performance is paramount for us. As a policy we ensure that the customer is kept satisfied with the product performance till the product lasts.

We have completed projects with repeat orders with over 85 organisations across India and have executed overseas projects. Eview products are conceived, designed and made in India, and are ideally suited for every environment.

Pl feel free to contact us for any further information desired.