Daylight Harvesting | Brilantor

Daylight Harvesting | Brilantor

roof image of brilantor eview global

Image of how Brilantor is placed on Standing seam roof. Images are for indicative purpose only.

Brilantor, is the ultimate in the daylighting system. It comes after 8 long years of experience in day lighting from Eview Global. This ultimate product has come from the team lead by two M.Tech, one from IIT Kanpur and other from MIT USA, in pursuit for the ultimate daylight product which is highly efficient, suited for any design of industrial roof profile design, on top of any industrial, commercial unit or ware house. Brilantor ensure unwanted elements of natural light is blocked out and only cool white light enters the shed.
Brilantor is completely designed and made in India.

Brilantor takes into account the shape and size of sheds, height of roof, the requirement of standard lighting as per BEE standards. It also takes into account the varied Indian environment and day light factor, very heavy rain, heavy dust, fumes in industrial areas, birds and monkeys on roof tops, extreme cold and low light conditions in winters and rainy seasons etc.

Advantages of Daylight Harvesting Brilantor brings to it’s users:

Brilantor, is the most advanced daylighting system presently available. It comes with the following benefits:
  • Brilantor takes care of all the pain areas of the presently used day lighting models.
  • Brilantor comes with polycarbonate pre molded, universal fixing mechanism, cast along with the dome. This ensures no joints on the top, thus ensures no water ingress. It also takes into account all roof shapes and profiles on which Brilantor could be mounted. The unit is fixed as if an integral part of the roof, mainly using EPDM / Insulation tape, along with other material. This fixing mechanism is unique to Brilantor, ensuring no water leakages.
  • The spread of light is evenly spread due to its rectangular shape. The length of the unit ensures the spread of light is further deeper along the width of the shed as compared to conventional daylights. While maintaining the spread of light from the width of the unit along the length of the shed.
  • The diamond lenses along the side ensures high light enhancement of the shed.
  • Since there is no protruding pipe below the roof level fixing the safety grill becomes viable at the roof sheet level. The first model to come with safety grill.
  • Brilantor diffuser opening is about 500 mm X 3350 mm. The entry of light from this wide diffuser, is further diffused too, impacting a much larger Light impact area against any competitive product.
  • Brilantor can be adjusted along the length and width based on the requirement of light in the shed. This makes it totally flexible unit and a class of its own, with no competition to match its performance and flexibility.
Brilantor eliminates the pains of the current daylighting system like:
  • Leakages from the units after a short period of time.
  • Mismatch of roof adaptor with roof profile causing leakages due to gaps.
  • Too much dependence on sealants to stop leakages, which give way after it’s short life span.
  • Uneven lighting inside the shed due to circular / square shape, impacting a small area on the floor.
  • No possibility of placing the safety grill due to protruding pipe below the shed.
  • High concentration of light below the units, summer months in particular.