High Light diffusing Prismatic dome with matching roof profile. Option of Single / Double / Triple glazed. With Double and Triple glazed option of PC diffuser and/or PC lenses UV Stabilised. Uncontrolled / Semi controlled lighting with medium to Low heat ingress. Double and Triple Glazed The high coverage area of 12,00 to 16,00 Sq. Feet. Lux / Lumens output as desired / BEE standards Suitable for the normal roof without false ceiling/roof insulation. Budgetary solution for those opting for transparent sheet. The option of two shapes Rectangular Recommended for standing seam Circular shape. The recommended option for nonstanding seam.

Specs of Ekool

High light collecting / diffusing single dome with matching roof profile UV stabilized material High light coverage up to 1600 Sq.Ft Suitable for the normal roof without insulation and false ceiling Cost effective solution for daylighting.

Specs of E Kool Plus

High Light collecting clear prismatic dome top dome made of PC with matching roof adaptor High light diffusing structured prismatic diffuser made of PC Both are UV stabilized. The coverage area of up to 1200 Sq.Ft. Suitable for roofs without false ceiling or roof insulation. Cost effective solution for daylighting

Specs of E Kool Grand

Additional Prismatic diffuser / lenses option. Rest similar to E Kool Plus.