Reinforced recycled plastic and Aluminum(RRPA)

Reinforced recycled plastic and Aluminum(RRPA)

Eco Roof & Board made of RRPA

Eco Roof and Board made of RRPA (Reinforced recycled plastic and Aluminum) Very long life compared to any man made material with no end of life. None corrosive material is highly suitable for coastal and corrosive environment like chemical industries etc. Products made from RRPA are those where user desire long life like roofs, flooring, furniture, office partition, false ceilings etc. The only recyclable product against the competing material like metal, wood, cement, asbestos. No effect of termite, water, moisture as the case with competing material. No accidents due to electric shock due to any short circuit which is possible in metal sheet roofs and panels. No harmful effects as is the case of cancer causing asbestos. More usage of these products will help us recycle more plastic reducing environment pollution due to plastic.


Thickness of 5 \ 8 \ 12 \ 18 \25\ 30 mm for various applications with optional Al lamination on one side or both sides or none. Eco roof Reduces heat by 7 to 10 deg Celsius. Material consists of 100% reinforced recycled plastic and Aluminium.

Advantages of Eco Roof/Boards

  • Water resistant and Fire retardant.
  • Resistant to Sulphuric acid (5% w/w for 24 hrs).
  • Resistant to alkali (2% sodium carbonate for 24 hrs)
  • Tensile strength of 99Kgs/cm2.
  • Resistant to salt spray (5% NACL for 72 hrs).
  • It is non toxic.
  • Thermal reflectivity.
  • Resistant to high temperature.
  • Recyclable.

    Applications of Eco Roof/Boards

  • Battery roof flooring.
  • Eco toilets floor and walls, passages.
  • Any furniture like tables, chairs, desks, office partition, false ceiling etc.
  • Shuttering material for construction.
  • Perfect replacement for marine ply.
  • Very long life and recycleable.
  • Noise reduction barriers for railways, roads etc.
  • Low cost signboards with no theft risk.
  • Low cost, high strength and long life solution for low cost housing, portable and temporary housing and cabins.
  • Durable, workable option for railways berths, core for seats in buses, auto etc.
  • Trendy floorings for railways coaches, toilets etc.
  • Easy for any type of laminate.
  • Cheaper than ply, no water absorption and termite proof, ideally suited for indoor and out door application.