Brilantor most advanced solar light pipe

Brilantor most advanced solar light pipe

Brilantor, is the most advanced solar light pipe unit, is manufactured by Eview Global in India who are the leading light pipe manufacturer in India. It is best the fit suited model for industrial sheds, ware houses, railways sheds or any similar setup. For detailed technical data sheet please ref to Presenting Brilantor

Advantages of Brilantor

1) Unmatched light quality:- This unit has an unmatched light input to output ratio. At an outdoor lux of 90,000 (for illustration) the shed lux can be achieved from 400 to 500 Lux from a roof height of 16 to 18 meters. That too with almost no heat.

2)Safety grill: - It, comes with a unique safety grill and is compliant with all safety standards.

3) Prismatic Lenses- It, comes with 240+ light enhancing diamond shaped prismatic lenses.

4) Largest diffuser opening: - Largest diffuser opening of 3350 mm X 500 mm capable of giving maximum light from any height against any competing products. The gross dimensions in mm is (LXWXH) 4000 X 600 X 300.

5) Evenly spread light: - Due to the advanced design, light is evenly spread out throughout the floor area without any glare.

Pl ref to a detailed technical advantages over all models of Light pipe or Natural light harvesting, models available worldwide.


1)What is light pipe?

Also known as SkyPipe, it is the unit for transmitting the natural light of the sun from the roof top to the interiors of the industrial shed, ware house or the commercials spaces etc. It is done by placing a light collector on the top, with highly reflecting material in form of tubes or rings and finally a highly efficient diffuser to diffuse the light evenly thought the closed space floor.

2)How does Light pipe work?

The dome placed on the roof top collects the ambience light or day light of the Sun, transmits it down due its prismatic nature (prism effect on light by bending it). This light is than reflected by highly reflective tubes or rings further down. Finally the light passes thru the highly efficient diffuser, which diffuses the light in the interiors of the shed. In this process the unwanted elements of the natural light mainly heat is taken out by blocking that spectrum of light.

3) Why do I require Light pipe or day lighting?

Day lighting helps you in utilizing the day light during daytime and reduces the consumption of power for lighting load. It is also known to increase the efficiency of people working under day light. It has a lot of health benefits for which you can refer to the presentation of research done by the world renowned lighting company Philips – Biological effects of Light on humans

4) How many different types of Light Pipe are available? Which is the best available today?

Light pipe is a generic terms used for transmitting the day light or Natural light by making provisions for installations of units from roof top to divert light to the inner space. These are available in different shapes and sizes. Till recently only tubular form was mostly popular. Another model that was available was box type or in square shape. The latest and most innovative in the long tube type. The details of each are given below:-

a. Tubular type mainly comes in circular form. The most common size is between 500 to 800 mm diameters. Eview Global has the biggest range from 100 mm dome diameter to 1850 dome diameter. The roof adaptor has to be customised every time due to different roof profiles and slope angles. One has to be very careful while choosing the fabricator and the installer.

b. These roof adaptors are made of FRP or metal. If the quality of FRP is not good it would crack and be a cause of leakage. In case of metal it would rust and again would be a cause for leakage.

c. The square box type size of which is 1 mtr X 1.2 mtrs generally give poor light. This is due to: -

i. It does not have any reflectors.

ii. The double glazed material us none of which is transparent

iii. The shape does not allow the light to be directed down.

iv. The latest innovation is long tube type with:

1. 240+ prismatic lenses on the dome,

2. Length is around 4 meters,

3. Has reflective rings,

4. Has highly efficient diffuser.

It gives the maximum light and the number of openings are much lower as compared to other models which need multiple roof opening. This is known as Brilantor, the most advanced day lighting unit. It comes with a universal roof adaptor, which is the latest innovation in day lighting for commercial spaces.

5) Where can Brilantor be mounted or fixed?

It can be mounted or fixed on any roof type profile, of any shape like conventional roof also known as reverse V, dome shape roof, slanting roof, flat roof, north Lighting, saw tooth etc.

6) Is there a limit of height where the Brilantor can be fixed?

It can be fixed on any height starting from 10 meters to very high roofs to give the desired lights as prescribed by the Bureau of energy efficiency or as desired by the user.

For lower heights below 10 meters we recommend to us our SkyPipe, which is professionally installed by experienced team

7) Who will install the units?

It is fixed on the roof by expert trained installers to ensure perfect fit and a seamless experience.

8) Why choose Brilantor?

a) It takes into account the daylight factor, different climatic conditions, industrial area environment factor like dust and fumes etc, birds and monkeys on roof tops, extreme cold and low light conditions in winters and very heavy rainfall etc which leaves the competition far behind and is a class of it’s own.

b) It ensure unwanted elements of natural light is blocked out and only cool white light enters the shed. For more details read the components specification sheet.

9) What is the standard delivery time from order to installation?

Typically whole cycle from order to installation takes about 15 to 30 days.

10) How to initiate the project fast in the covid and post Covid scenario?

We request you to fill in ‘Details required to send a commercial offer’. PL fill as much details as you can for our design team to give you a more accurate project report for your consideration.

11) Who are behind the development?

This product is conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in India by Eview global Private Limited. This come after 8 long years of experience and research for and ideal day lighting product. This ultimate product has come from a team lead by two M.Tech ’s, one from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and other from MIT USA, in pursuit for the ultimate daylight product which is highly efficient, suited for any design of industrial roof profile, can be fixed on top of any industrial, commercial unit or ware house.

12. How do I get to know which model is best suited for my shed I want to do daylight harvesting, with layout and cost estimates?

You have to just send the details required for sending a commercial offer ,you will be sent the complete project report with layout and cost estimates. Since there are a lot of variables which affect the day lighting it is best left to the day lighting expert design team to do it for you. Few variables are like height of the shed profile type of the roof, lux required, current daylight availability, daylight factor across the seasons in your area and more. In case of a ware house with or without racks, height of racks and so on.