Why choose Us

Why Choose Us

Advantages of our Products

  • The life of the SkyPipeTM is about over 20+ years. It practically stays till the structure lasts.
  • Virtually maintenance free for life.
  • Eliminates the risk of roof top accidents which occurs due to transparent sheets
  • Light capture is high at low sun angles (i.e before 9am and after 3pm).
  • Works effectively during low light levels like rain and cloud.
  • Provides pure natural dynamic daylight light for 11 - 12hrs in a day to the interiors.
  • Lowers lighting energy cost.
  • SkyPipeTM is installed for a one time fixed cost at current price that pays for itself within a couple of years. After payback it continues to provide free natural light without electricity for the lifetime of the facility.
  • Consider added savings due to I.T. benefit, reduced maintenance and operations cost of artificial lighting fixtures, and improved worker productivity, the payback is even sooner.
  • There is virtually no heat builds up during strong sunlight. Negligible heat transfer.
  • UV inhibiting dome, tubing and diffuser.
  • Lower cooling energy.
  • Uniform light dispersion. Unique diffuser diffuses light uniformly.
  • Daylight can reach false ceiling covered areas.
  • A perfect fit as the units are custom made as per the requirement of the area where it is to be installed.
  • The Light level and diffusion etc can be planned as done for artificial lighting.
  • Impact resistant Light collector.
  • Low rooftop aperture requirement (1–1.5%)
  • True color perception of merchandise and interior color design. Maximum benefit of vivid colors.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.

  • Eview products are designed and made in India, and are ideally suited for the Indian environment considering the extreme weather conditions, industrial environment considering extreme natural and industrial dust, monkeys and birds on roof tops etc.
    We have also considered the typical requirement of
  • Automobile industries Paint shops.
  • Textile industries need for maintaining even temperature and humidification.
  • Various fumes of chemical industries, tire industry etc.
  • Fire resistant etc.

  • Patented Material components used: We use the best quality UV stabilized, high impact prismatic poly carbonate from a multinational company for our light collector, who are the market leaders in the product segment. The range of diffuser that we use is from a multinational company which holds the patent for it. Our highly reflective light transmission tube that ensures maximum light transmission with very long life, is from a multinational company which holds the patent for the product and the manufacturing process. Our product components are patented products of different multinational companies speak of our commitment to quality, which ensures almost no degradation over a very long life of 20+ years.

    Award winning Water Sealing material used from Europe and USA: We give great importance to water sealing to ensure no leakage year after year. Our sealant, multi surface sealing tape and other components used in sealing are products of multinational companies who have won awards and accolades for quality from industry associations and government bodies year after year. We have come up with a full proof solution for all types of roof, like metal, asbestos, sandwich roof / puff insulation etc. Double layer roof with insulation / sandwich roofs are most typical and difficult for water proofing solution which we have done at several locations.

    Installation Team: The installation is a very important aspect of the product performance. To ensure that there is no water leakage year after year we have a highly trained professional team for installation. They have gone thru professional training for Installation of SkyPipe, water proof sealing and detailed safety training of international standards by professional trainers. Our team consists of all skilled persons. We do not hire third party job workers or outsource our installation job to make sure that our quality commitment is met and with stands the test of time. We provide end to end solution with complete installation and water leakage testing only then leave the site.

    PL do let us know in case you need any further information from our side.