skypipe daylight harvesting


skypipe daylight harvesting

Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Skypipe | Brilantor | Lightball | Skylight | RRPA

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brilantor warehouse lighting

Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Skypipe | Brilantor | Lightball | RRPA | Skylight

brilantor eview global



brilantor industrial lighting

Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Skypipe | Brilantor | Lightball | Skylight | RRPA | Light tube

brilantor eview global


brilantor daylight harvesting

Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Daylight Harvesting Solutions

Skylight | Brilantor | Lightball | Light tube | RRPA


Eview Global Daylight Harvesting Solutions | Skypipe | Brilantor | Skylight

Skypipe Daylighting is the most innovative solution for every requirement to meet the desired Lux level for Daylighting, made from the best material available sourced worldwide.

During the day, natural light provides effective internal lighting. Particular attention is given to daylighting while designing a building when the aim is to maximize visual comfort or to reduce energy use. And also eliminates or reduces the adverse effects of static artificial lighting.


The installation of skypipe is a very important aspect of the product performance. To ensure that there is no water leakage year after year we have a highly trained professional team for installation.The products has been custom designed for false ceiling areas. The size range starts from dome dia of 100 mm up to 800 mm.

Skypipe ensures minimum heat transfer. It has a static air column which reduces heat transfer. The surface area of our skypipe exposed to the sun is very insignificant. Skypipe is customized for high temperature environment, dust and extreme climate.


Brilantor (under patent process) is the most advanced daylighting solution availaible. It is the only product which is 4000 X 600 X 300 (length X width X height in mm) 200+ Diamond shaped Prismatic for higher daylight collection. Installed in non-false ceiling areas for higher Lux.

It is installed in non-false ceiling areas where the user is looking for Bright light. Diamond edge difusser comes with optional safety grill with unique screwless technology to fix on the rooftop using compliance mechanism.

  • High concentration of light
  • No water leakages
  • Evenly Spread light
  • Suitable for any Roof Shapes
  • 20+ years life span
  • High dissipation of light
  • Negligible heat
  • Brilantor takes into account the shape and size of sheds, height of roof, the requirement of standard lighting as per BEE standards. It also takes into account the varied Indian environment and day light factor, very heavy rain, heavy dust, fumes in industrial areas, birds and monkeys on roof tops, extreme cold and low light conditions in winters and rainy seasons etc.


    Eview Global Smart Lighting Solutions

    We provide customized for every requirement to meet the desired lux level for daylighting. Made from the best material available and sourced worldwide. The performance in life of 20+ years is unmatched. All this, backed by a strong after sales technical support team.

    1. We integrate LED lights with daylight that inspire people to work at their best. We design a web of sensor with LED and Skylights to fully automate the lighting 24X7.

    2. LED lights fitted with sensors.

    3. Lux sensors to monitor the Lux level Progressive dimmer to maintain required Lux level.

    4. Automate entire lighting by integrating the LED, Skylights and Dimmers thru sensors 24X7.

    5. Maintain the desired level of Lux throughout.

    6. No human intervention required.

    7. Option of motion sensor integration.

    8. Save on lighting cost without compromising on desired lux.

    9. 100% customized design as per the areas requirement.

    10. Effective in releasing hot air and fumes from the shed without maintenance.

    11. Ensures Effective and uniform Daylight and Air circulation.

    12. Water seepage and dust thru turbo fins will not enter the shed even during very strong wind in rains.

    Why Eview Global

    We are an organization of Techno commercial people M. Tech from MIT USA, M. Tech IIT Kanpur, PG from IIFT Delhi, having an industry experience ranging from 14 years to 22 years.

    We are in the business of saving of power bills thru and making our contribution towards green revolution by saving carbon foot prints thru energy saving.

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    We develop the best solar power technology.

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    Reliable products and OnTime service.

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    100% customized design as per the area requirement.

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    Carbon foot print reducer, UV protection & Power saving.

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